Never lose email communication during an outage of your primary mail server.

Email continuity

Why use email continuity?

Email continuity avoids email downtime, which can immediately and dramatically affect employee productivity and business revenue. This solution enables your employees to access their email from any browser anywhere, anytime. It’s easy to set up and manage and also includes anti-spam and anti-virus scanning.

It provides immediate email recovery thereby enabling you to access the previous 15 days incoming email through the use of a web mobile or a mobile mail interface. It requires no hardware or software.

You can access the previous 30 days emails via the Premium option.

NSooma’s email continuity service enables you to access email via any device when your servers go offline.

NIt prevents loss of emails during unplanned downtime by providing email backup and minimizing productivity loss amongst employees.

How email continuity service works

 Email continuity
Provision of secure login

Users are provided with a secure login to a web-based platform that contains mails covering the previous 15 days. The 30-day option can also be accessed via the premium option.

Access to incoming emails

Users can reply to incoming emails. The responses will appear to be sent from the user’s regular business address.

Forwarding of emails

Emails to alias addresses can be forwarded to a nominated account. Dedicated accounts can also be created.